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Who we are...

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Jacob Gooze is the Founder and President of ACME Environmental.  He brings 20 years of experience in Contracting and Hydronic Design to our wide range of projects.  

ACME Environmental, Inc. is a Mechanical Contracting Company serving the Southern California market.


Our jobs range from San Diego to San Luis Obispo as well as the San Bernardino Mountain and Desert regions.  Our primary focus is construction of Custom Homes and Light Commercial.


We are the premier provider of Radiant Heating systems in our local area and helped spearhead the widespread acceptance of this technology using ultra efficient condensing boilers. 


We are leaders in the growing field of Radiant Cooling systems and are among the first to bring this innovative technology to North America.


We specialize in the Design, Engineering, and Installation of top shelf HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Solar Hot Water Systems.  We often consolidate all these disciplines into a single cost-effective, holistic solution.  We are proud to have completed a great number of successful projects for notable Architects and General Contractors, as well as Spec Builders and Individuals.


We are experts in the installation of conventional and Multipurpose Fire Protection systems using PEX tubing.  This offers many benefits to Builder’s and End Users alike.  We also offer more conventional CPVC based systems.









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